Your Dentist in Burlington Provides Periodontal Therapy

July 24, 2016

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dentist in burlingtonGum disease is a problem that affects more than half of Americans today. It causes unsightly gums and bad breath. Fortunately, periodontal therapy improves your oral health and smile confidence, too. Are you dealing with infected gums? If you’ve got sensitive teeth or gums that bleed along with chronic bad breath, chances are good the answer is yes. Your dentist in Burlington provides periodontal therapy for gum disease sufferers.


Why You Should Regularly See Your Dentist in Bedford, MA

December 23, 2015

woman with a beautiful smile thanks to her dentist in bedfordA group of dentists and dental researchers more than a century ago determined that regular dental visits were the only way to improve oral health in America. At the time, more soldiers were unable to enlist and serve in World War I because of poor oral health than any other medical concern. While the shift took decades, today, most general dentists focus their practice on regular, preventive dentistry visits to maintain oral health. This may seem second nature, but in 1914, this was a revolutionary change. People sought dental care only when pain was unbearable, and the resulting treatment options were significantly limited due to the advanced stage of oral health issues. At Complete Dental Care, we encourage patients to make twice a year dental visits part of their oral hygiene routine.

Use Your Benefits Before the End of the Year – Visit the Dentist Burlington Prefers

October 19, 2015

Woman visiting the dentist burlington loves to use up her benefits for 2015If you’re paying for dental insurance and not visiting our practice twice a year, you’re throwing away money. Most insurance providers cover twice annual cleanings and exams 100%. At Complete Dental Care, we want every patient to take excellent care of their smiles and take full advantage of their insurance benefits. That’s why we’re in-network with many insurance providers, and now take Mass Health patients. Call to schedule your exam and teeth cleaning today!

Burlington Dentist Has 5 Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

October 14, 2015

woman with pain and swelling in cheeks needs gum disease help form her burlington dentistWhether it’s during an important meeting at work or over a fancy Friday night dinner, there’s one thing you don’t want anyone thinking when you’re speaking: what’s that smell? If you’ve got breath problems that are more than temporary, you could be suffering from gum disease. It’s a smelly problem that affects more than the odor in your mouth — it can put your heart health at risk, too. The good news is that it’s easily prevented — and your Burlington dentist is here with five excellent prevention tips.

Complete Dental Care Is Focused on Community

September 15, 2015

Dr. C and Xenia Race Complete dental care in the communityYou already know that the team at Complete Dental Care in Burlington is passionate about the health and beauty of your smile — you see that every time you come into our office. Yes, we do love taking care of your teeth, but you should know something else: we also love supporting our Burlington community! It’s our chance to see our patient’s smiles in action.

This September we were able to partake in to two important events in our community. One’s a little bit physical, and one’s just plain Yankee Doodle fun. Read on to see what we’re excited about this month!

The Cosmetic Dentist Burlington Turns to for Six Month Smile Transformation

August 30, 2015

couple with great teeth thanks to the cosmetic dentist burlington loves complete dental careI had crowded, crooked teeth my entire life. I remember as a kid, I used to practice my smile for photo day at school. I’d hold a wide smile without showing any teeth. As an adult, I found myself talking, eating, laughing, and smiling in public with one hand over my mouth. A quick review of my social media photo albums revealed that I either had the close-lipped smile I perfected in my youth, or I was frowning in every picture. If friends happened to catch me in a candid shot that exposed my teeth, I hid the photo. In less than a year, I was graduating from college, and starting my own business. All my classmates talked about how important presenting a polished, professional image to the public via websites and social media was to building a client base. Each time I thought about meeting people, presenting proposals, or smiling for the camera, my stomach would sink. I’d worked diligently for four years, and my smile was the one thing keeping me from feeling confident in my abilities. That’s when I decided to visit Dr. James P. Kostas and the caring team at Complete Dental Care of Burlington, MA to find out how I could straighten my teeth. If you’re a working professional considering orthodontics, I highly recommend you pick up the phone and call to schedule your smile evaluation and consultation today.

The Dentists Burlington Trusts – Complete Dental Care

August 3, 2015

Young boy smiling at dentists burlington trustsIf you recently moved to the Burlington, MA area or are looking for a new dental practice for any reason, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Complete Dental Care is waiting for your call. Our state-of-the-art office offers unsurpassed quality with maximum comfort, allowing our patients to relax and enjoy their dental visit.  Call to schedule your first appointment today. We can’t wait to meet you.

Laser Periodontal Therapy: Protect Your Health from Gum Disease in Burlington, MA

August 22, 2014

185594294When you think of gum disease, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps you envision the tell-tale symptoms associated with periodontal infection, picturing bleeding gums, sensitivity, or even tooth loss. While these are certainly a few of the effects of gum disease, there are even more serious complications associated with the condition that are far less conspicuous. At the Burlington, MA dental practice of Dr. James P. Kostas, we help our patients substantially reduce their risk of developing systemic health conditions linked to periodontal disease with laser periodontal therapy.

Advantages of Laser Periodontal Therapy

When an infection in the gum tissue is attacked by the body’s immune system, disseminated toxins and inflammatory compounds are released into the blood stream. These compounds are capable of causing damage to organs and tissues throughout the body, leading to potentially fatal health conditions if not treated in a timely manner. Some of the complications associated with periodontal disease include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Pregnancy complications, including low birth weight and premature birth
  • Cancer of the blood and/or pancreas
  • Complications with the treatment of diabetes

Fortunately, laser periodontal therapy can help to drastically reduce your risk of developing these and other serious health conditions. While traditional gum disease treatment involves the use of a scalpel and sutures to remove infected tissue, laser periodontal therapy utilizes the proven effectiveness of a focused laser to cauterize the area even as it eliminates infection. Recovery time is significantly reduced, and our patients love that the procedure is considerably more comfortable.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Life

Whether you are currently suffering from signs of gum disease or you’d simply like to learn more about the benefits of soft tissue laser technology, my team and I are here to help. Contact our office in Burlington, MA to schedule your visit with Dr. Kostas and our dedicated team today. We look forward to helping you secure a lifetime of excellent oral health and overall wellness with our comprehensive menu of services and treatments. Our state-of-the-art dental practice proudly serves patients from throughout Burlington, Woburn, Billerica, Bedford, and the surrounding areas.

Periodontal Disease and Pocket Depth: What You Need to Know

May 20, 2014

Shutterstock Happy Dental Patient (2)When you think of periodontal disease, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You may envision images of bleeding gums when you brush or floss, or imagine the chronic bad breath that comes with an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth. At my office in Burlington, MA, I help my patients prevent and treat gum disease, as well as educate them regarding the ways they can keep their gums healthy between visits to my practice, Complete Dental Care.

Understanding Pocket Depth

When bacteria accumulate on the surfaces of your teeth, a sticky substance known as plaque begins to form. When plaque isn’t removed properly, it hardens into a substance known as tartar. Tartar forms along the gum line, causing inflammation of the gingival tissue. As more of this tartar builds and continues to irritate the gums, the tissue pulls down and away from the enamel surface and deep pockets begin to form.

The cycle continues for as long as the infection is left untreated, and gum recession worsens. This weakening of the connective tissues can eventually result in loose teeth and even complete tooth loss. Fortunately, I offer comprehensive periodontal therapy to aid in halting this process before it becomes more serious. I feel that every patient deserves to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile, and I’m always happy to walk you through the steps of your treatment until you fully understand the procedure. Give me a call today to learn more!

Schedule Your Visit Today

Do you suspect that you or someone in your family may be suffering from periodontal disease? Perhaps you simply have some questions about how gum disease can be treated and prevented. My team and I are here to help. Please contact my office today to schedule your appointment, and we’ll get started on your path toward optimal oral health and overall wellness. From our conveniently located practice in Burlington, MA, I warmly welcome patients from throughout the surrounding areas of Bedford, Woburn, Burlington, Billerica, and more.