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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?

March 5, 2024

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person with nice smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry

Are you satisfied with how your smile looks in photos or the mirror? If not, you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry. This type of dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of your smile. By working with a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist, you can attain the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Read on to discover more about cosmetic dentistry and determine if it aligns with your smile aspirations.


Smile Makeover Mania: 3 Questions to Ask at Your Consultation

February 5, 2024

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Woman with brown hair leaning on hands smiling

If you’re self-conscious about imperfect teeth, you’re not alone. Visible flaws in your grin can impact how you feel about yourself as well as how you engage with others. Fortunately, your dentist can give you a smile makeover to enhance your appearance and restore your self-confidence.

Before you move forward with any procedures, though, you first must have an appointment with your dentist to be sure you understand what’s involved. This consultation is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have, to ensure you’re comfortable with each step in the process. Read on to learn 3 questions that can help guide your decisions!


Dentures Demystified: What to Expect from a Denture Relining

January 12, 2024

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Older man smiling after getting his dentures relined

Dentures are a fantastic solution for patients missing multiple natural teeth. The prosthetics provide functional benefits as well as restoring their smile. Over time, however, the fit of dentures may shift due to the many natural changes that occur in the mouth. Eventually, your dentures may stop fitting well and will need to be relined. But what does that mean?

If you’re considering or scheduled for a denture reline, keep reading to learn what you can expect from the process.


4 Ways You Can Keep Your Dentures From Smelling

December 21, 2023

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a person cleaning their denture

Dentures are a versatile and excellent solution for tooth loss because they fit many patients’ budgets and are removable, making them easy to care for! They’re also crafted from lifelike, customized materials that allow them to mimic the appearance of home-grown teeth. However, just like with your natural smile, over time your dentures can accumulate plaque, tartar, and food debris that leads to declining oral health and a bad odor. Read on to learn four ways you can keep your dentures healthy and prevent them from developing a smell.


The Risks of DIY Denture Relining

November 8, 2023

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Picture of dentures

When it comes to denture care, many individuals consider relining their dentures at home as a quick and cost-effective solution. However, this DIY approach can often lead to more problems than solutions. In this blog, we’ll delve into why relining your own dentures can go wrong and the importance of professional care.


My Teeth Seem a Little Small; Can I Fix Them?

October 13, 2023

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Lady has curious expression

Many people feel that their teeth aren’t quite big enough. The condition of having teeth too small for one’s mouth is called microdontia, and it can affect how the teeth are aligned and lead to issues with chewing, the jaw, or teeth grinding. In many cases, however, a person’s concerns about their small teeth are entirely cosmetic. Here’s what can cause teeth to appear small as well as what your dentist can do to address the issue.


How to Make Your Veneers Last!

September 7, 2023

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Woman pointing to her teeth

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, veneers are an excellent solution. The amazing thing about this restoration is the fact that it can change numerous aspects of the teeth all at once. Veneers are long-lasting, so they can look great for up to 15 years or even longer if you are taking all of the proper steps to care for them. Continue reading to learn more about how you should maintain your veneers.


The Top 3 Ways to Fix Gapped Teeth

August 5, 2023

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Someone with gapped teeth smiling

In many cases, a gap between your two front teeth can come to completely define your smile and how you come off to others. For some people, that’s perfectly fine—even something that they can take pride in. However, other people aren’t big fans of how gapped teeth (also known as a diastema) makes them look.

If you’re interested in repairing gapped teeth, there are methods that may be able to help you. In fact, there are several of them. Here are a few examples, along with some information that may be able to help you choose between them.


Why You Need Gum Disease Therapy Before Cosmetic Dental Work

July 12, 2023

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person speaking with cosmetic dentist about gum disease therapy

If dissatisfaction with your smile arises due to issues like chipped or discolored teeth, cosmetic dentistry emerges as a potential remedy. However, it’s imperative to address any underlying oral health concerns before proceeding with treatment, including the consideration of periodontal disease. The significance of gum disease therapy lies in ensuring a robust and healthy foundation for your teeth, capable of supporting any desired future cosmetic dental enhancements. Read on to learn about the necessity of gum disease therapy prior to cosmetic dental procedures.


What Causes Gum Disease in Older Adults?

June 12, 2023

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Older woman in dentist’s chairCavities aren’t the only culprit of tooth loss. Gum disease affects at least 50% of adults. The preventable infection can occur at any age; however, seniors have an increased risk for periodontal disease. Many age-related factors can make you more susceptible to gum disease after the age of 60. With your oral and general health closely connected, here’s how you can support your gum health as you age.


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