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We’ve had many patients walk into our dental office feeling completely dissatisfied with the smiles, but after receiving a personalized, state-of-the-art treatment from Dr. Kostas and the rest of the Complete Dental Care team, they were able to walk out proudly grinning from ear to ear. On this page, many of our patients have shared their experiences at our dental office; thanks to the provided videos, you can see the brilliant results for yourself. Call us if you’re ready to write the first chapter of your own success story!

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Featured Patient Story - Courtney

Courtney is a very expressive person, and over time, this resulted in quite a few deep crease lines on her face. Thankfully, our team at Complete Dental Care has expanded our services to include BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers! Courtney’s mother and sister had undergone the procedure before, and when she heard that Dr. Costas was considering offering it, she strongly encouraged him. The procedure is cost-effective, easy, and comfortable. In just a few minutes, we were able to refresh Courtney’s smile and her appearance, and she was thrilled with the results.

Because Courtney comes to our Burlington dental office periodically, it’s very convenient to have BOTOX® offered here as well. She already has a relationship with Dr. Kostas and trusts him to create great results for her. It’s been a great joy for us to see how much better Courtney and other patients feel after undergoing this revitalizing treatment!

Watch Courtney's Crown Story

"Having good-looking teeth is very important. It’s what you want to present to the world. I care a lot and they care a lot, so that’s why I want to come here."

Courtney Hamilton, MA

Other Patient Stories

Courtney’s BOTOX® Story

"It’s very convenient to have BOTOX® offered at my dentist’s office because I do come here periodically. I have a relationship with him, I trust him, and I know he’s a professional."

Courtney Hamilton, MA

Vanessa’s Story

"They make me feel very comfortable, the assistants always hold my hand - they're just very, very sweet here."

Vanessa Burlington, MA

Kathryn’s Six Month Smile Story

"I got married about six months later and looking back on the pictures, they're just amazing. My smile was perfect, just how I wanted it to be. Just really happy with the outcome, so I was super happy that I did the Six Month Smile program."

Kathryn Burlington, MA