Your Children’s Dentist in Burlington Offers Dental Sealants

May 25, 2016

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children's dentistFighting tooth decay is a constant and challenging battle for children; constant because the bacteria that lead to cavities are always present in their mouths and challenging because little hands may have a difficult time adequately brushing and flossing their teeth. Because of this, the dentists and their dedicated team of dental assistants and hygienists at Complete Dental Care may suggest additional measures that are very helpful. In particular, your children’s dentist in Burlington often recommends dental sealants.


Why You Should Regularly See Your Dentist in Bedford, MA

December 23, 2015

woman with a beautiful smile thanks to her dentist in bedfordA group of dentists and dental researchers more than a century ago determined that regular dental visits were the only way to improve oral health in America. At the time, more soldiers were unable to enlist and serve in World War I because of poor oral health than any other medical concern. While the shift took decades, today, most general dentists focus their practice on regular, preventive dentistry visits to maintain oral health. This may seem second nature, but in 1914, this was a revolutionary change. People sought dental care only when pain was unbearable, and the resulting treatment options were significantly limited due to the advanced stage of oral health issues. At Complete Dental Care, we encourage patients to make twice a year dental visits part of their oral hygiene routine.

Use Your Benefits Before the End of the Year – Visit the Dentist Burlington Prefers

October 19, 2015

Woman visiting the dentist burlington loves to use up her benefits for 2015If you’re paying for dental insurance and not visiting our practice twice a year, you’re throwing away money. Most insurance providers cover twice annual cleanings and exams 100%. At Complete Dental Care, we want every patient to take excellent care of their smiles and take full advantage of their insurance benefits. That’s why we’re in-network with many insurance providers, and now take Mass Health patients. Call to schedule your exam and teeth cleaning today!

Burlington Dentist Has 5 Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

October 14, 2015

woman with pain and swelling in cheeks needs gum disease help form her burlington dentistWhether it’s during an important meeting at work or over a fancy Friday night dinner, there’s one thing you don’t want anyone thinking when you’re speaking: what’s that smell? If you’ve got breath problems that are more than temporary, you could be suffering from gum disease. It’s a smelly problem that affects more than the odor in your mouth — it can put your heart health at risk, too. The good news is that it’s easily prevented — and your Burlington dentist is here with five excellent prevention tips.

Complete Dental Care Is Focused on Community

September 15, 2015

Dr. C and Xenia Race Complete dental care in the communityYou already know that the team at Complete Dental Care in Burlington is passionate about the health and beauty of your smile — you see that every time you come into our office. Yes, we do love taking care of your teeth, but you should know something else: we also love supporting our Burlington community! It’s our chance to see our patient’s smiles in action.

This September we were able to partake in to two important events in our community. One’s a little bit physical, and one’s just plain Yankee Doodle fun. Read on to see what we’re excited about this month!

An Emergency Dentist Burlington Can Trust

September 13, 2015

man with tooth pain needs to call the emergency dentist burlington residents loveCracked or broken teeth are more than painful — they’re a dental emergency. That’s because when your teeth have suffered trauma, it can have serious implications on your overall oral health. Unfortunately, many patients ignore the break or crack and choose to live with damaged teeth — at a serious cost to the rest of their teeth.

Please, if you have broken or cracked teeth, don’t wait to contact your dentist for care. Your dentists in Burlington will attend to your case quickly — on the same day, usually — and are committed to preserving your natural tooth when possible.

The Emergency Dentist Burlington, MA Turns To

August 12, 2015

Woman holding digital x-ray at emergency dentistry burlinton trusts from complete dental careIf you or a loved one lost a tooth, injured their jawbone, or experienced severe pain or swelling of the mouth, would you call your dentist right away? Many patients say they wouldn’t because they don’t expect their dentist to be available in case of emergency. Instead, patients say they would go to the emergency room if the problem was severe, or call to schedule a regular appointment. At Complete Dental Care, Drs. James P. Kostas and Justin J. Cardarelli, encourage patients experiencing dental emergencies to call our practices immediately. We’re here to help you, and we always try to see our patients with dental emergencies right away. Your comfort and care are our top priority, and that means we’re available when you need us most. Call to find out more about emergency care from our Burlington, MA team or schedule your appointment today.

The Dentists Burlington Trusts – Complete Dental Care

August 3, 2015

Young boy smiling at dentists burlington trustsIf you recently moved to the Burlington, MA area or are looking for a new dental practice for any reason, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Complete Dental Care is waiting for your call. Our state-of-the-art office offers unsurpassed quality with maximum comfort, allowing our patients to relax and enjoy their dental visit.  Call to schedule your first appointment today. We can’t wait to meet you.

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with Dr. James P. Kostas

February 11, 2015

178067812Since 1949, the American Dental Association (ADA) has celebrated the importance of children’s oral health every February. This year, we’d like to take the opportunity to emphasize the role that children’s dentistry plays in your little one’s smile and overall health. At Complete Dental Care, Dr. James P. Kostas offers a comprehensive range of general family dentistry services to patients in Burlington, MA, including gentle children’s dentistry.

Give Your Child’s Smile a Smart Start

Studies show that children who visit the dentist regularly tend to experience better oral health as adolescents and adults. Bringing your son or daughter into our office for routine checkups and cleanings will help to pave the road toward strong, beautiful smiles for years to come. Because we understand that many of your younger patients may feel apprehensive about visiting a strange place, we always strive to promote a calm, comfortable environment where they know they are safe and warmly welcomed.

As a parent, you do everything you can to keep your son or daughter healthy and happy. Because we respect you and your family, we will never recommend a treatment that is unnecessary; in fact, we want you to serve as our partners in your child’s oral health. You will always be fully informed of the state of your little one’s teeth and gum health, and our team will gladly answer any questions you may have in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Visit Today

Though National Children’s Dental Health Month does offer an ideal opportunity to raise oral health awareness for the kids in our community, our team believes that every day provides a new chance to build a solid foundation of healthy smiles for our youngest patients. If it has been more than six months since the last time your son or daughter visited the dentist, the time to call and make an appointment is now. We can’t wait to welcome the youngest smiles in your family to our Burlington, MA dental office. Our team also happily serves patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including Woburn, Bedford, Billerica, and beyond.

Get Your Little One’s Smile Ready for Halloween! Children’s Dentistry in Burlington, MA

October 20, 2014

160141018Halloween is just around the corner, and children from across the country are gearing up to head out and stock up on the season’s tastiest sweet treats. While candy and Halloween undoubtedly go hand in hand, it is important to consider the dental damage your child’s holiday haul may cause.

Fortunately, this fun and festive fall holiday is the perfect time for children to get a head start on maintaining their oral health for the new year to come, and the team at Complete Dental Care is here to help. With a comprehensive range of preventive children’s dentistry services, Dr. James P. Kostas helps families from throughout Burlington, MA protect their precious smiles from common problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

Protecting Tiny Smiles with Preventive Children’s Dentistry

When it comes to your child’s smile, prevention truly is the best medicine. Keep cavities at bay this holiday season with protective dental sealants, fortifying fluoride treatments, and a solid home hygiene routine. Dental sealants help ward off cavities by keeping bacteria and food debris out of hard-to-reach crevices, and fluoride actively strengthens tooth enamel. Both treatments are safe and effective, proven to reduce the risk of developing cavities in conjunction with regular dental checkups.

Halloween Candy Buy Back

After the costumes have been put away and all of your child’s favorite treats have been carefully selected, you can bring the excess in to Complete Dental Care and give the gift of generosity to our troops overseas. With our Halloween Candy Buy Back program, your child will receive $2.00 per pound of donated candy (up to 5 pounds) during the week of November 3rd, 2014. We’ll send all of the goodies to the brave men and women of our military; now that’s a reason to smile!

Schedule Your Child’s Visit Today

You do everything you can to keep your children healthy, happy, and safe. This holiday season, make sure your little one’s teeth and gums are protected from oral health concerns with preventive children’s dentistry at Complete Dental Care. Conveniently located in Burlington, MA, our family-friendly dental practice is privileged to serve patients from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Woburn, Bedford, Billerica, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to serving your entire family’s oral healthcare needs!