Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Burlington, MA

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Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about dentistry? All you have to do is ask! Knowledge is the key to taking care of your smile, and we’re more than happy to share our dental knowledge with you. Call us today if you have a question that isn’t addressed on this page.

What are my options for replacing missing teeth?

At Complete Dental Care, Dr. James Kostas offers several options to help Burlington patients replace missing teeth. An affordable solution is dentures and partials, which can replace a few teeth—or all of your teeth. Dr. Kostas can also place implants. Dr. Kostas and Dr. Carderelli can restore dental implants.

What can you do about gaps or crooked teeth?

We offer the innovative and comfortable braces system, Six Month Smiles®. Six Month Smiles® is an excellent option for correcting cosmetic misalignments for teeth that show when you smile. Because the wires are tooth-colored and the brackets are clear, it’s also a virtually unnoticeable way to straighten your teeth.

Can you really make my permanent dental crown in only an hour?

Yes! With Complete Dental Care’s CEREC® technology, we can take digital images of your treated tooth, and create a permanent porcelain crown in about sixty minutes. You won’t need multiple appointments or temporary crowns. In Burlington, we are proud to use CEREC® one-hour crowns to better the dental health of our patients.

How can you brighten my smile?

If you want to whiten your stained enamel up to ten shades, Complete Dental Care offers two teeth whitening options: chairside service or take-home kits. Our in-office teeth whitening treatment can be completed in only one visit to our Burlington dental office. Or you can brighten your smile in the convenience of your home in only fourteen days.

What is your procedure for treating gum disease?

Gums that bleed, feel tender, and look reddened are probably suffering from gum disease. At Complete Dental Care, we use the latest in dental technology to heal your diseased gingiva. Our periodontal therapy is done with lasers, which is comfortable, safe, and effective.