Single Tooth Implants

January 6, 2014

Dental ImplantDo you have a full smile, or is a missing tooth threatening to sideline your confidence and good oral health? At my Burlington dental office, I offer a restorative dental service that can help you replace what you’ve lost. That service is known as dental implants.

With a dental implant, I can help you bridge the gap from one tooth to another, restoring your good health and your confidence. A dental implant can also help you prevent the loss of other teeth later on. That’s because dental implants are structured like natural teeth, with a crown on top and a prosthetic titanium root underneath.

Replacing a missing tooth and its root is important, because your roots play a very important role. Besides anchoring your teeth to your jaw, they also stimulate bone growth. When you have a missing root, the jaw can atrophy. As it does, nearby teeth can become weak and eventually shift or fall out. Dental implants help prevent this by replacing your natural root with one made of titanium, a biocompatible metal. Once in place, your implant will form a natural bond with the jaw, anchoring your new tooth and keeping the jaw strong going forward.

A dental implant takes two phases: the placement phase and the restoration phase. I perform both at my Burlington dental office. Many other dentists will refer their patients to an outside doctor for the placement phase, but at Complete Dental Care you’ll be surrounded by a dental team you already know and trust.

Is a dental implant the best way for you to fix the gap in your smile? Call my Burlington dental office today to schedule a consultation. I’ll assess your health and your needs and answer any questions you might have before helping you decide on a customized plan that’s exactly right for you.

My office happily serves patients from Bedford, Billerica, and Woburn.