Dentist in Burlington: Digital X-Rays Use 40% Less Radiation

December 15, 2016

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dentist in burlington provides digital x-raysThey’re FDA-approved for use in dentistry, but are traditional x-rays really the best choice for you and your family? Not when there’s an option that provides a better image while also exposing patients to 40% less radiation. When it’s time to get a closer look at what’s going on beneath the surface of your mouth, your dentist in Burlington prefers digital x-rays. Learn more about why (and why it’s important) below.

Why X-Rays Are Important

Dr. Kostas and can see a lot with their trained eyes and a special light — but there are some areas that just can’t ever be seen with the naked eye. Like what’s going on underneath the gumline, or areas of decay between the teeth.

Patients of all ages benefit from a set of x-rays every year. For children and teens, x-rays help identify decay, orthodontic issues, and whether or not wisdom teeth are present beneath the gum line. Adults need x-rays to identify decay, infection, and faulty dental work, among other sneaky oral issues.

While x-rays are a vital part of effective dentistry, it is also important to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure whenever possible. Over a lifetime, it really adds up. But digital x-rays almost eliminate radiation altogether.

Digital X-Rays vs. Traditional X-Rays

Compared to the conventional method of taking x-rays, digital x-rays are not only safer — they are more comfortable for you. Some of the most significant differences between traditional and digital x-rays include…

  • (Far) less radiation: We’re not just talking slightly less radiation here. In fact, digital x-rays reduce your exposure by as much as 40%. That’s a significant amount for you and your family.
  • Increased comfort: Traditional x-rays require biting down on a thick, pointy piece of paper. The bitedown can cause a jaw cramp, scrape your cheek, or even make you gag. Digital x-rays use a small sensor, which is less invasive and far more comfortable.
  • No need for lead bibs: Because digital x-rays expose you to significantly less radiation, there is no need to protect your body with a lead covering.
  • Time: Because they don’t require developing or special processing, digital x-rays are ready in about three minutes.
  • Improved results: Digital images can be resized as necessary, allowing your dentist to better-see spots of decay or other issues.
  • Easily stored and transferrable: Unlike physical x-rays, digital images are easily stored and transferred between offices as needed.

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