What Does It Mean to Lose Tooth Enamel?

July 23, 2017

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close-up of a beautiful smileTooth enamel is the hard, shiny white layer on the very outside of your teeth. It’s the part of the tooth that you brush, and it keeps the soft interior of your tooth protected from acids and bacteria. The teeth are the strongest part of your body (even stronger than bone), but they are not invincible from wear and tear. If you are experiencing the loss of tooth enamel, it’s time to visit your dentist in Burlington. Keep reading to find out more about tooth enamel loss — and how it can be prevented!

Why Enamel Loss Occurs

The tooth enamel is a porous substance and, as such, it is not invincible to sugar and bacteria. People who eat a high-sugar or imbalanced diet are at a higher risk of experiencing enamel loss that leads to cavities and tooth sensitivity. Consuming lots of acidic foods and beverages can also accelerate the loss of tooth enamel. The impact of carbonated drinks is especially significant. Additionally, aggressive tooth brushing can cause the enamel to wear away over time. This effect may be even greater for people who take medications that weaken the tooth enamel, like antacids, antihistamines, certain pain medications, and decongestants,

What to Look Out For

One of the first things you are likely to notice when you are losing tooth enamel is increased sensitivity to heat and cold. The other layer of enamel protects you from the sensations caused by temperature changes against the teeth — and if you are losing this protection, you are likely to feel discomfort to hot and cold stimuli.

Additionally, your teeth may start to look gray or yellow if you are losing tooth enamel. This is because the enamel is the white, shiny part that helps your smile look beautiful. When it is weak or worn, the teeth may look darker as a result. They may also be more prone to chipping or cracking with weak enamel.

How to Replace Lost Tooth Enamel

The first thing to do if you notice your tooth enamel seems to be wearing away is notify your dentist. Dr. Kostas can help to identify the issue to help provide the most appropriate treatment for you. Tooth enamel cannot be “replaced” altogether, but sometimes topical fluoride treatments can successfully strengthen the area. Changing your diet or kicking certain lifestyle habits can also reverse the effects of worn tooth enamel.

Whatever the approach for bringing back your lost tooth enamel, you can feel confident when you partner with an expert like Dr. Kostas! Getting treatment as soon as possible is of the utmost importance for the continued health of your smile.

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