7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Pull Your Own Teeth in Quarantine

April 16, 2020

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Man pulling his tooth with pliers instead of seeing his Burlington emergency dentist

You probably remember pulling out your loose baby teeth as a child. So if you’re stuck in the COVID-19 quarantine with a severely painful tooth and a pair of pliers, you may be tempted to take tooth extraction into your own hands again. However, DIY dentistry can easily lead to painful, expensive, and dangerous results, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are seven reasons to leave tooth extraction to your Burlington emergency dentist if you have an intense toothache in quarantine.

1.) Pulling Your Own Tooth is Painful

No matter how much ice you apply or alcohol you drink, pulling your own tooth will be extremely painful. If your dentist extracts your tooth, they’ll apply a local anesthetic to numb the area completely.   

2.) You May Crush the Tooth You’re Pulling

Tooth extraction is a form of oral surgery. If you simply try to yank it out with a pair of pliers or another tool, you could easily crush the tooth completely. A painfully shattered or fractured tooth will take far more time, effort, and money to repair.

3.) You Could Damage the Surrounding Teeth and Jawbone

Ripping a tooth out incorrectly or before it’s ready could damage the surrounding teeth, fracture your jawbone, or even injure the alveolar nerve in the lower jaw and cause permanent numbness.

4.) Your Dentist Might Be Able to Save the Tooth

Just because a tooth is loose or uncomfortable doesn’t mean it needs to be pulled. Your dentist may be able to stabilize it while treating it so you can keep your natural smile intact.

5.) You Won’t Be Solving the Underlying Issue

It’s likely that your tooth hurts because it’s infected. Tooth extraction alone won’t guarantee that the dangerous infection is removed from your mouth. Only your dentist can help you contain and eliminate all of the bacteria.

6.) You May Spread the Infection

Extracting an infected tooth at home dramatically increases your risk of making that infection worse. Once the tooth is removed, whatever dangerous bacteria remains can seep into the open wound.

7.) You Can’t Prevent Jawbone Deterioration

You may be willing to gain a gap in your smile if it means alleviating your pain, but are you prepared for your facial features to change? As soon as a tooth goes missing, the jawbone underneath it begins to deteriorate, which causes the facial features to develop a sunken, aged look.

If you need a tooth extraction in Burlington, you should always leave it to your dentist. Many practices are still treating dental emergencies during the COVID-19 quarantine, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you have:

  • An intense toothache, especially if it’s accompanied by bleeding or swelling.
  • A fractured, partially dislodged, or fully knocked out permanent tooth.
  • Uncontrollable bleeding in the mouth.

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